Als Leadsänger

Titel Jahr Höchstplatzierungen Verkäufe Auszeichnungen Album
WB WB Country
"What Room Was the Holiday In" 1991 Tim McGraw
"Welcome to the Club" 1992
"Memory Lane" 1993
"Two Steppin' Mind"
"Indian Outlaw" 1994 Not a Moment Too Soon
"Don't Take the Girl" 18 1
  • WB: 310,000
  • WBTA: Silber
"Down on the Farm"
"Not a Moment Too Soon"
"Refried Dreams" 1995
"I Like It, I Love It" All I Want
"Can't Be Really Gone"
"All I Want Is a Life" 1996
"She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart"
"Maybe We Should Just Sleep on It"
"It's Your Love"
(with Faith Hill)
1997 21 1
  • WB: 220,000
"Just to See You Smile"
"One of These Days" 1998
"Where the Green Grass Grows"
"For a Little While"
"Please Remember Me" 1999 A Place in the Sun
"Something Like That"
"My Best Friend"
"Some Things Never Change" 2000
"My Next Thirty Years"
"Grown Men Don't Cry" 2001 Set This Circus Down
"Angry All the Time"
"The Cowboy in Me"
"Unbroken" 2002
"Red Rag Top" Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors
"Tiny Dancer"
"She's My Kind of Rain" 2003
"Real Good Man"
"Watch the Wind Blow By"
"Live Like You Were Dying" 2004 6 1
  • WB: 700,000
  • WBTA: Gold
Live Like You Were Dying
"Back When" 36 16
  • WB: 50,000
"Drugs or Jesus" 2005
"Do You Want Fries with That"
"My Old Friend"
"When the Stars Go Blue" 2006 Tim McGraw Reflected: Greatest Hits Vol. 2
"My Little Girl"
"Last Dollar (Fly Away)" 2007 Let It Go
"I Need You"
(with Faith Hill)
40 20
  • WB: 10,000
"If You're Reading This"
"Kristofferson" 2008
"Let It Go"
"Nothin' to Die For" 2009
"It's a Business Doing Pleasure with You" Southern Voice
"Southern Voice"
"Still" 2010
"Felt Good on My Lips" Number One Hits
"Me and Tennessee"
(featuring Gwyneth Paltrow)
2011 Country Song (Soundtrack)
"Better Than I Used to Be" Emotional Traffic
"Right Back Atcha Babe" 2012
"Truck Yeah" Two Lanes of Freedom
"One of Those Nights"
(with Colt Ford)
2013 Tim McGraw and Friends
"Highway Don't Care"
(with Taylor Swift)
8 1
  • WB: 640,000
  • WBTA: Gold
Two Lanes of Freedom
"Southern Girl"
"Lookin' for That Girl" 2014 Sundown Heaven Town
"Meanwhile Back at Mama's"
(featuring Faith Hill)
22 2
  • WB: 190,000
"Shotgun Rider"
"Diamond Rings and Old Barstools"
(with Catherine Dunn)
"Top of the World" 35 15
  • WB: 60,000
Damn Country Music
"Humble and Kind" 2016 14 1
  • WB: 410,000
  • WBTA: Silber
"How I'll Always Be"
"Speak to a Girl"
(with Faith Hill)
2017 8 1
  • WB: 630,000
  • WBTA: Gold